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Affiliate Programme

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Welcome to Allpresent.comís affiliate scheme. It's so simple - all you do is place banners, products or text links on your website promoting Weíll pay you at least 6% commission on every sale you refer. Each affiliate request is reviewed individually, so if your site receives volume traffic or is a great match with ours, weíll pay you even higher commission. We provide you with initial banners, images and links to our site - everything you need to start earning money fast.

Browse through our online store. We think you'll like what you see - and so will your visitors. offers a great range of quality gifts, many unavailable on the high street. Customers referred by other affiliates are already producing strong sales. And with an average order value of £50 - £60, we offer you the potential for highly attractive returns. So try our FREE affiliate scheme today.



Earn extra money from space on your website

  • Convert your traffic to cash
  • Start earning commission immediately
  • Earn commission for 30 days from each visitor you send us (30 day cookie applied)
  • Receive commission in £s, with one payment for all transactions that period
  • Track your own commissions
  • Choose your own favourite banners as soon as registration is approved
  • Add extra content and interest to your site with our professional input


Joining is simple. Just click here to register (make sure you have a UK bank account, a website and a working e-mail address before you register). Weíll review your application quickly, so you could be up and running in no time.

For more information about our affiliate scheme, please read our frequently asked questions below.


If youíve questions about our affiliate scheme that arenít answered here, please contact us.

What is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is a form of online advertising that rewards website owners (affiliates) for promoting e-commerce websites (merchants - e.g. It costs nothing to join Allpresent.comís affiliate scheme. Once you have been approved, you receive a unique ID number which is used to track all your sales. When visitors to your site click on any link, they come through to our site. Everything they buy from us within the next 30 days will earn you commission. Affiliates are rewarded by a percentage of the sale (6% or more).
What is an affiliate?
An affiliate is anyone who owns a website and promotes other companiesí websites in return for commission.
What is a merchant?
A merchant is a company like, selling products or services through their own website. Some merchants allow affiliates to share in their success, paying them a commission on each referred sale.
How does track your visitors' transactions?
All affiliates are assigned a personal ID number when they register. Your ID number is linked to the website address you provide when registering. Each time one of your visitors clicks through from your website address to and buys any product within 30 days, our software tracks your ID and calculates your commission. You will then receive a single payment for the total sales you generate that period.
What is deep linking?
We recommend this to all affiliates, as it produces great results. Deep linking is where you link to a specific product or group of products on our website, rather than our home page. It helps visitors find the right gift more quickly and can increase the sales on which you earn commission. In order to deep link, you have to add your affiliate ID to the end of the relevant page URL. Please sign in and follow the instructions to learn more about how this works. Or contact us for more information.
What is a 'cookie'?
A 'cookie' is a type of virtual 'bookmark'. Every time a visitor of yours clicks through to from one of your links, a 'cookie' is issued. Each cookie lasts 30 days. So providing your visitor completes a sale within 30 days, you'll earn the commission (even if the visitor subsequently bypasses your own website and comes straight through to ours.)


When and how do I get paid?
We issue payments four times a year (once every quarter). Payment is normally via BACS electronic transfer or cheque.
Do I have to pay tax on my commission earned?
Any commission earned is classified as income and therefore may be subject to tax depending on your individual situation. If you are a UK resident then you should seek professional advice to ensure compliance.
How long after a click through can I still earn commission?
Once someone clicks through to from your website, a 'cookie' will be placed on the userís pc. This remains valid for 30 days and will trigger commission on all future purchases within this period. You'll find best prom dresses uk store from here.


How do I join the affiliate scheme?
Once you have registered, follow the simple instructions to put a banner on your web pages. We also recommend you deep link to a few individual products or product groups (see FAQs above).
How do I get my banners and code?
Different sized banners and codes are available (Sign in to download these with the code). You can choose banner formats to suit your pages. It is good practice to put a banner on your home page and on internal pages next to relevant content.
What do I do with the banners and code?
Simply cut and paste the whole code (located under each banner) into the software you use to design your website. You then need to upload the web page and image onto your server, so our banners appear on your site.

For any further enquiries regarding our affiliate scheme, please email us at: