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Rose, Violet & Strawberry Creams - 265g

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Contains nuts

Rose, Violet & Strawberry Creams - 265g

Our Price: £19.99


Fans of traditional rose and violet creams will love our classic new selection of rose and violet chocolates with strawberry truffles.

As well as violet and rose creams, it contains deliciously tempting chocolate truffles with creamy strawberry centres. Enjoy some fine examples of classic English chocolates, sourced with great British ingredients and handmade the old fashioned way by a family firm.

Topped with crystallised violet and rose petals, the rose and violet chocolates with fondant cream centres are coated in deliciously smooth dark chocolate. The truffles are coated in milk chocolate, with strawberry cream centres and strawberry chocolate piping on top.

This handmade rose, violet and strawberry chocolate assortment presents traditional flavours in a modern giftbox, averaging 25 delicious English chocolates and truffles in all. 265g.